No food was held in this bottom cooler. The Environmental Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting all public swimming pools in the county. Warren : 544 West Ridgeway St, Warrenton, NC 27589; (252)257-1185 Washington : 198 NC Hwy 45 N, Plymouth, NC 27962; (252)793-3023 Dips and whole vegetables were moved to the walk in other walk in cooler to make room for the rib meat. The cheese blocks were moved away from the shell eggs in my presence. Owner stated that food items will be keep in another cooler until the unit is repaired. Related: Health inspectors find eight restaurants in west Oakland County with priority violations, Aji Ten Japanese Restaurant, 42087 Ford Road. Violation corrected on follow up. 1. Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. On follow up, potentially hazardous foods held in the salad cooler, equipment stand, pizza topping area, 2nd salad cooler by steamer, and main prep cooler were at 41F or colder. Observed potentially hazardous foods held in the top rail of a salad cooler beside the register holding homemade ranch, sour cream, and diced melons at 56F. Search Davidson County permit inspection records by permit number. Toilet still not functioning properly - not permanently repaired. Violation corrected at the time of inspection- Bins of hot sauce that were beyond 7 days from preparation date (07/22/2020) were discarded. A chemical sanitizer used in a sanitizing solution for a manual or mechanical operation shall meet these limits or as otherwise approved. The employee sanitized the slicer at the time of inspection. Food Service Establishment Inspection Reports: The Department conducts periodic unannounced inspections of food service establishments as part of the facility's licensing requirements. Utility sink still needs vacuum breaker on leg of "Y" for long hose. All food held in the bottom drawer were under 41F. The Wake County sanitation grades database shows that 74 restaurants were inspected between April 19-26. To report a Communicable Disease or other Health Emergency after normal business hours please call (330) 264-2222. Food items were removed and placed in the walk-in cooler at the time of the inspection. Skewers in the reach-in cooler were being stored in the proper order a the time of the follow-up inspection. Spindles will be cleaned every 4 hours in the future by the staff instead of nightly. Will follow up within 7-10 days. They must be stored in a separated area as the outer surfaces can contaminate the ice. The list is sorted by violations. 3. An employee was observed while they cleaned the slicer. June 22, 2022 9:00 AM Mecklenburg County's Environmental Health Division conducts nearly 13,000 restaurant health inspections every year. Search Union County restaurant and other food service business inspection reports with free registration. This chemical is not aapproved to be in a place with human traffic. Raw chicken skewers were being held over raw beef skewers in the 3-door reach-in cooler at the time of the inspection. Several gallon containers of reduced fat skim milk were being held in the beer cooler at the time of the inspection with 'Best by' date of 7/5/20. Observed cole slaw and tartar sauce made today at 50F in the prep cooler. View Chatham County information about building permits including monthly permit reports from 2008 to present. Observed no hot water for the dishroom handsink. Bride killed when driver hits wedding partys golf cart in SC beach town, cops say, Record number of inmates died in NC jails + Panthers make decisions on two key players, Best place for a summer vacation? 3. Corrected. While that figure continues to grow every day, county officials conduct about 13,000 facility inspections each year, according to the county website. 1. If you are only willing to eat at restaurants that have been inspected recently, you can filter searches for restaurants that have been inspected within a selected window of time, such as within the last three months or within the last week. Apprehend a list of building permit fees and various other fees such as mechanical permit and plumbing permit fees. Violation was corrected at time of inspection. IT SHALL BE UNLAWFUL FOR ANY PERSON TO OPERATE A FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT, RETAIL FOOD STORE, MUNICIPAL AND/OR MOBILE FOOD UNIT IN WAYNE COUNTY, STATE OF INDIANA, WHO DOES NOT POSSESS A VALID PERMIT FROM THE HEALTH OFFICER, PURSUANT TO WAYNE COUNTY FOOD ORDINANCE 2021-011 respectively. Violation corrected on follow up. Sink was to be repaired with the mop sink, but the plumber has not returned due to COVID-19 outbreak. The food bins were removed in my presence. Phone (919)731-1449 Fax (919)731-1441. Staff stated that the handwashing sink and the coffee machine draw from the same water line and because the coffee machine cannot draw water at this time, the sink cannot get access to water. Person in charge discarded foods at time of inspection. Food will be held in the small coolers, until repaired. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at 41F or colder. 1. For example, when searching for inspection records that belong to a restaurant called The Mad Greek, nothing comes up when typing in the full name of the restaurant. 53 - Year-Round Swimming Pool : Inspections: 1922 BY CAROLINA COFFEE SHOP : 140 E FRANKLIN ST. CHAPEL HILL : NC : 27514 : 1 - Restaurant : Inspections: 401 MAIN RESTAURANT AND BAR : 401 E MAIN ST : CARRBORO : NC . 1. Person in charge discarded all potentially hazardous foods at time of inspection. Potentially hazardous foods shall be discarded if they are beyond 7 days from preparation date. Local laws regulate how frequently these inspections take place, and what specific items the inspectors look for, but, in general, environmental health inspectors check that safeguards are in. in the 3 door cooler that were out of temperature ranging from 44-49F at the time of the inspection. As per Wayne County Code 200A-347, any and all County permits or approval may be revoked or suspended for: violation of any condition of the permit; failure to disclose or . Sean O'Callaghan's Public House, 821 Penniman. Person in charge stored the bottle beneath the dish washer at time of inspection. The cooling methods facility was using were near adequate and have been minorly adjusted to prevent this in the future. Burke. The egg mix being held in the 3-door prep cooler was being held at 58F. Corrected. Violation corrected. North Carolina Public Health is community health. This department is also responsible for the issuance of all new ABC license permits, business registrations, itinerant merchant permits and peddler permits. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while conducting research on the county website. Search Henderson County permits and inspections status by permit number, owner name, applicant name, contractor name or property address. View Craven County annual water quality reports. Vance : 115 Charles Rollins Rd, Henderson, NC 27536; (252)492-7915 Wake : 10 Sunnybrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610; (919)250-3947 For COVID-19 specific questions, please call 919-856-7044. 1. An employee was observed using their phone while wearing gloves and then failing to remove gloves and wash their hands afterwards. Observed multiple bins of in-house prepared hot sauce inside walk-in cooler with preparation date of 07/22/2020, which is beyond 7 days from preparation date. Observed hose connected to the mop sink hose bibb without an atmospheric vacuum breaker. Food protection is required for all Risk Level III and IV food service operations and retail food establishments. Handsinks must be kept accessible. 0ppm chlorine was register on a test strip from the bar glasswasher. Violation corrected at time of inspection. View Robeson County annual water quality reports. We are striving to develop the most comprehensive, North Carolina Restaurant Inspection Search, City of Winston-Salem Permits and Inspections, City of Jacksonville Water Quality Reports, Town of Chapel Hill Development Activity Report. Several food items were out of temperature range near the grill at the time of the inspection including bean sprouts (62-65F), rice (74-78F), and egg rolls (60-67F). Results include restaurant name, address, inspection date, final score, grade, inspection id, and violations, if any. Ensure that ready to eat foods are not going to be underneath raw meat during preparation. Health inspectors from WayneCounty visited restaurants throughout the county in July, checking to see how restaurants are operating. Search City of Durham permit and inspection records by permit number. Inspections Staff Name Title Code Qualifications; Steven E. Stroud: Director: Building Level III . Inspection frequency, plan review fees and license fees are based on the Risk Level Classification. Person in charge had set up a three compartment sink with chlorine sanitizer at 100 ppm. Place medications inside of a closed container to prevent possible contamination. Internal hanging thermometer read at 50F. Violation corrected on follow up. Meat sauce was 35 F, Alfredo sauce 40 F and Ricotta cheese was 39 F. The thermostat for this prep cooler was replaced but the compressor is not working well, as per staff. Will follow up within 7-10 days. Bean sprouts were being stored on the counter (68) near the reach-in prep cooler at the time of the inspection. Observed house prepared dressings stored at 58-63f without time marking at cookline prep station cooler. The pest control strip was discarded at the time of the inspection. The items were placed back into the walk-in cooler or discarded according to the timeframe left out of temperature during the inspection. 1. Keep potentially hazardous food at 41F or discard. They can be conducted no more than 90 days before the license plate and registration expires. Posted 2018-09-25T23:23:43+00:00 - Updated . 2) Martha G. Scott (Dist. View Lincoln County monthly building permit reports from 2001 to present. Large reach in and adjacent salad cooler will be used temporarily, until repaired to hold at 41F or colder. The cooling methods facility was using were near adequate and have been minorly adjusted to prevent this in the future. 1. Keep food contact surfaces clean to sight and touch. Provide 50-100ppm of chlorine sanitizer. Violation was corrected at time of inspection. 2. Observed several items in the walk in cooler that were made more than 7 days ago: 7/21 Mole 7/19 Salsa burra 7/19 Chipotle 7/16 Salsa ranchero The items were discarded at the time of inspection. NC : 28655 : 1 - Restaurant : Inspections: ALLURING VIEW BED AND BREAKFAST : 7348 JOE JOHNSON ST : JONAS RIDGE : NC : 28641 : Observed that shrimp in the frying cooler were 60F. Fattoush Village Cafe Grill,31205 Plymouth. Violation corrected. Violation corrected. Cool so that food reaches 41F in 6 hours. Walk-in cooler had both raw stuffed chicken and raw meatballs at 35 F. Corrected. Person in charge removed the whole batch of serving spoons from the serving area to be cleaned. Type: Food Stand. Repair. View Vance County ordinances including zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, flood damage prevention ordinance, and other ordinances. Corrected on follow up. Corrected. 1. Call 330-264-1942. Wayne County Register of Deeds. Remove all pest strips from the facility. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at 41F or colder. Violation corrected on follow up. This data is subject to change daily. WIC - Call for Information. Repair dish machine to provide sanitizer without priming for each cycle. Person in charge discarded the strips at time of inspection. Employees were educated that they must always sanitize equipment after it is cleaned. Date Place Score; April 28, 2023: CATERING BY COREY. Provide an air gap of at least 1 inch. 1. L. George's Coney Island,27434 Grand River. Click the Page# hyperlink at the bottom of the Search Results screen to see additional pages. 2. Chlorine sanitizer at the bar glass washer measured 0ppm at the time of the follow-up. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. Person in charge moved all chemicals away and beneath areas listed above. View Lee County and City of Sanford monthly building permit reports. A toxic Hotshot pest control strip was being stored and used over the drying rack for dishes. Will follow up in 7-10 days. Pest control toxic materials that are a hazard to employees and patrons may not be used in the facility. Free Search. View Pamlico County annual water quality reports. View the names and code qualifications of our staff members and inspectors. 2. If more than 10 permits are matched, they will be displayed on separate pages. Violation was corrected at time of inspection. This was corrected during inspection by discarding the soup. 3. Search City of Greensboro monthly permit reports from 2000 to present. 2. To assist consumers in making informed decisions regarding care options and provide information regarding the inspections in adult care facilities (family care homes and adult care homes) the following resources are available: statement of deficiencies or inspection reports by DHSR; Star Rating; and, any penalties imposed in the previous 36 months for . Toxic items must be stored away from cleaning supplies. "Time Control Policy For Cold Product" written cold holding plan e-mailed to this office on July 2 2020. The fly strip was moved at the time of the inspection. 4) Irma Clark-Coleman (Dist. We work daily to reduce the impact of chronic and oral diseases. 5) Monique Baker McCormick (Dist. Use only approved pest control devices for licensed food establishments. Items had not been monitored for their temperatures. NC : 27830 : 1 - Restaurant : Inspections: AGGIES HOT SUBS : 2814 CASHWELL DR : GOLDSBORO : NC : 27534 : 1 - Restaurant Keep all potentially hazardous food items at 41F or below. 1. All other items around it were at 41F and below. Sanitize equipment and utensils to prevent contamination. Search Bertie County interactive GIS map for property tax records by owner name, address, or parcel id. View Johnston County restaurant inspection scores by establishment name. The sanitizer solution hooked up to the machine was observed to be diluted, resulting in the low concentration. Keep all potentially hazardous foods at 41F or colder. Check the Status of Permits & Inspections. Smaller coolers will be used, until repaired. Do not put PHF foods in the cooler if it is to be used. Store raw shell eggs below or away from ready-to-eat foods. Food items were rearrange at the time of the inspection with ready-to-eat food items placed above raw items and raw items stored according to cooking temperatures from top to bottom. Cassel's Family Restaurant,43003 Seven Mile. 2. Cod/shrimp/chicken were discarded. The glass washer behind the bar counter read 0ppm for chlorine sanitizer concentration. Revisit in ten days or more to verify adequate chlorine in final rinse. Search Person County restaurant inspections reports by name or by zipcode. Items replaced were stored on ice or in a nearby cooler. Revisit in ten days or more. Cooling shall be done so that food is cooled from 135-70 in 2 hours and 70-41 in 4 hours. View Onslow County restaurant inspection scores by name or zip code. Violation corrected on follow up. Potentially hazardous foods such as chopped lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced/shredded cheeses, shaved beef, ham, cooked/raw bacon, hot dogs, raw chicken, raw beef patties/whole cuts, and assorted deli meats were between 44-62F held in the top and bottom prep cooler across from the main cooking range. A risk control plan was provided. View Duplin County restaurant inspection scores by name. Observed a swarm of fruit flies behind the bar counter especially near the dump sink and floor drains. Observed at the time of inspection that employee was placing tortilla chips in to go container with out gloves. We compiled a list of our current fees for various inspections and water samples. Provide an air gap for spray nozzle to prevent it from reaching below the flood rim level. Person in charge stated that it was made last night and was about 5-6 inches thick of rice. Spindles were removed and cleaned during the inspection. Search Transylvania County permit and inspection records by permit number, parcel number, applicant or address. Corrected during inspection, the items were moved into a refrigeration unit to bring the temperatures down to 41F. 1. These facilities must have one Person-In-Charge, who has supervisory, and management duties and permission to direct and control food preparation and service, obtain the Manager certification in food protection. Create your own business profile on Please use the staff directory for contact information for our staff. Search Cumberland County permit and inspection records by permit number, permit type or permit issued date. *Submit a written policy to me to resolve violation, within 3 days.