The Flash is knocked into a coma, leaving his bare face for Patty to see, and experiences three possible futures he now faces with the gorilla onslaught. People can gain Speed Force based powers if they go into the Speed Force. Nevertheless, to get an idea about the tragedies in Barry's comic book universe, here are the 10 saddest things to happen to the Allen family. He recognized both the city and the villains from his comic books. He does not usually exceed Mach 10, as doing such a thing would pose a danger to his surrounding environment. Barry and the Speed Force read the Runaway Dinosaur. He is also a skilled forensic scientist. In Joshua Williamson and Christian Duce's The Flash #751, Barry Allen's confrontation with Paradox leads him to an impossible reunion. At the very end of Final Crisis #2, he is seen running from the Black Racer out of a time tunnel created by Metron's Time Chair. Barry Allen awakens in a universe greatly changed from that he knew. Barry knows that Walker's latest scheme has dire consequences, and decides to drop the Rogue to his death. Following the event of Dark Night: Death Metal, Barry was invited to join the Justice Incarnate in order to represent Earth 0. He is a member of the Justice League and mentor to Kid Flash. any Comic Vine content. Allen was able to save her, but in so doing, he failed to appear at their wedding, and she eventually went insane. He has raced Superman around the world. Since then, Rich has written millions of words for both online and print publications. According to Dr. Alchemy, Barry goes down in history as the Supreme Chemist. In this new reality, Barry doesn't have his powers, Superman was never discovered by the Kents, and Thomas Wayne is an angry, alcoholic version of Batman. WebHenry Allen (father; deceased) Nora Allen (mother; deceased) Iris West (fiance; deceased) Alter ego Savitar Code name Alchemy (possessing Julian Albert; formerly) Actor Grant Gustin Andre Tricoteux (as Savitar) Tobin Bell (voice; as Savitar; uncredited) Tom Felton (possessing Julian Albert) Nicholas Gonzalez (as Dante Ramon) (The same is true of the comics, for what it's worth.) Their relationship is so dark that it puts Batman and Joker to shame, but Eobard's iconic rivalry would actually work much better as a foil to Wally West. In a future dubbed "twenty years from now," Barry Allen has become a grim figure. Eobard Thawne a.k.a. The loss of his mother weighed heavily on Barry for a long time, and he even used his powers to travel back in time and save her life, an act that ended up creating an entirely new timeline in Flashpoint. However, it's at the museum that Thawne learns he turns out to be Barry's greatest enemy (just, go with it. Both trailers show the young Barry running outside his house while his older, time-traveling self watches. Barry is eventually cured and fights Vandal Savage, who was the one who paralyzed him, before entering the flashpoint and being absorbed into the Speed Force. Experiments with his powers revealed that not only was he super fast (faster than time when he tries), but he could vibrate his molecules, allowing him to appear invisible and phase through solid objects. In his own specific ending he has defeated Superman and to redeem himself becomes The Ghost a hero who is never clearly seen. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Flash #751, by Joshua Williamson, Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, Hi-Fi and Steve Wands, on sale now. For the most part, Barry is as pure as the driven snow when it comes to heroics. Deceased line of bobbleheads. Adam Brody was cast as Barry Allen / The Flash in a cancelled live-action Justice League film that was set to be directed by George Miller. Every time there's a change in the timeline, Paradox feels it, and he's felt the ramifications of Barry Allen's actions on multiple occasions. He is also able to vibrate so fast that light doesn't reflect off of him, rendering him invisible to the human eye. After returning home, Barry is inspired by the example of the JSA to create a new team of superheroes (implied to be the Justice League), an idea he proposed to Superman. He claims to "change everything.". Barry Allen appears in the show as a member of the Justice League, voiced by Scott Porter. In reality, it turns out that Barry has been imprisoned on the alien world. Australian entertainer Barry Humphries, best known for his comic character Dame Edna Everage, has died aged 89. His wife, Iris, was murdered by Professor Zoom. The Flash is one of the most powerful metahumans. Michelle Harrison Barry season 4 episode 4, titled it takes a psycho, will answer all of our questions. Following her death the second time at the hands of the Reverse-Flash,[12] Barry resolved to still use his powers for good in the name of Nora and Henry. Given that the Flashpoint reality is essentially the biggest paradox Flash ever created, this could end up being connected to the villain who bears the same name. Barry Allen returns as a major character in Injustice 2, this time voiced by Taliesin Jaffe. An accidental trip to another dimension brought Allen face to face with his childhood hero, Jay Garrick, with whom he foiled a villainous plot. He is a Feature, Comic Breakouts and News writer. Barry can maneuver through and can even jump on flying debris, running on wires, balacing while transporting multiple people etc. Barry Allen appears as the Flash, a member of the Justice League. Barry possesses a great knowledge of chemistry and forensic sciences. Barry also does not have his powers and needs Batman to help get them back. As the two are about to get married, Professor Zoom steps in to ruin the Scarlet Speedster's life by killing Fiona the same way he did Iris. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other In short, Reverse-Flash is Eobard Thawne and he is from the future. Soon enough, Barry is in need of a hug. It has been implied that all the cases of ties were actually engineered by Allen, who was much faster but wanted to ensure a spectacle for the charities; Barry confirmed this in The Flash Rebirth #3. Mostly to close some rips in the continuum before it destroyed Prime Earth, plus,it was thede reigueur thing to do in 2019. Future Flash pays a visit to Captain Cold twelve years from now. Here, he is recruited by Golden Glider. Here, he'smentally tormented by the Psycho Pirate. Patty, willing to help Barry, finds a list of doctors that had a connection to the project Manuel was apart of. Biological Information Barry learned how to use firearms at the police academy, picked up swordsmanship while traveling East Asia also became proficient in various weapons while on Justice League missions. On March 18, 2000 when Barry was eleven years old, he ran home from school after getting into a fight. Barry's changes to the timeline also makes Thawne into a nigh-invincible Speedster whose mastery of the Speed Force exceeds Barry's own. Now, Paradox has made it his goal to put down the Flash for good. why did Reverse-Flash kill Barry's mom in the comics. For Barry Allen, his origin is only slightly altered. He finds out that Oliver Queen is the Arrow and helps him. The Black Flash Labs. The suit comes out of the ring and Allen can get dressed in less than a second. Allen works as a scientist alongside such great scientists as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, as well as with Superman. He has also been shown to be able to mentally tap into the Speed Force to give him a sense of pre-cognition, where he can anticipate certain chain-reaction events. As of the New 52/Rebirth, Barry can cause objects to explode while phasing through them. The group deduced that the personification of death, The Black Racer (who was also the Black Flash) was still after Barry, and that Darkseid's fall was causing chaos in the universe. Nora and Henry later asked Barry to move out as they were selling their home, upon which Barry revealed that he had a date with Iris West, much to the surprise and joy of Nora and Henry. Barry can teleport himself and others into the Speed Force at will. Working late in the lab one night, a rack of chemicals that he was working next to was struck by lightning, and Allen was doused in chemicals. Many of the characters were barely recognizable next to their comic book counterparts and Barry was no different. Da, da dum. RELATED: Did The Flash Seriously Just Kille Off a DC Speedster? After he goes back home, he gets struck by lightning while being doused in chemicals. Nora Allen Illinois Flash After the Flash is beaten unconscious by Paradox in the middle of Central City, he wakes up in a beautiful field. He appears as the Flash in this unsuccessful pilot for a live-action Justice League series. Nora Thompson Allen was the mother of Barry Allen, the man who would later become the superhero known as the Flash, who raised the young boy until she was murdered by an unknown person in the original timeline. That prompted Barry into becoming a police detective, and then later, as the It's more about time travel and alternate realities, and if The Flash ever starts with those timelines, they better release a CliffNotes version of the show so it makes sense for everyone). The biggest detail is that Barry and his father Henry Allen (Ron Livingston) discovered Nora dying in the kitchen of their house, with Henry telling Barry to call 911. Justice League Incarnate came to Earth-Flash.1 to try to rescue him, but Barry did not recognize them, and ran away when they tried to take him. Nora Allen (neThompson) was the wife of Henry Allen and mother to Barry Allen, who eventually grew up to become the Flash. Plus, because Barry is now somewhat familiar with Thawne in the present, this may change how he deals with the younger version of his nemesis when they eventually run into each in this new timeline. I'm dying to know how The Flash will handle all of this time-traveling stuff, and who ends up turning out to be Thawne/Reverse-Flash, because they'll have a lot of explaining to do. Over the past few months, The Flash has encountered a dangerous new villain named Paradox, and he's an incredible threat to the Fastest Man Alive. Barry had Zatanna switch The Top to the side of good with her mind tinkering and it drove him insane. Future Flash gains the upper hand until the battle is interrupted by a speed-empowered Wally West. Batman eventually finds out it's all been a ploy by Bat-Mite. Injustice Barry is first seen alongside Injustice Shazam in Atlantis, representing the New Regime and having Aquaman agree to let Regime Superman have full control of Atlantis. Fortunately, he discovers that another part of his Rouges Gallery, Abra Kadabra, portrayed Zoom to ruin Barry's good name. Entering into a treadmill designed by Elias to take in some of the excess Speed Force energy, The Flash makes a promise to get those people back to Earth and opens up another portal, disappearing and leaving Elias with a fuel source powered by Speed Force energy that would later be used to help give Central and Keystone City back it's power. The doctor, however, tells Cold that because of the power outage they cannot operate. Barry Allen makes a cameo appearance in the film, played by Ezra Miller. Meanwhile, the death of Nora Allen also brings other tragic events into Barry's life. He is the arch nemesis of Wally Wests Flash. In Barry, the Canadian actress turned Sally Reed into a character we couldn't forget.Now, as Goldberg looks ahead to Industry and SisterS, Sally's true identity is only While several characters from the main dimension are summoned to the Injustice universe, main Barry is not among them. Henry Allen was convicted, and eventually died in prison. Trying to make amends for his sins, Barry winds up joining Batman's Insurgency and battling against the cosmic destroyer Brainiac. Barry Allen helps Wally change the past and save his twins. The new Rogues, led by Glider, attack Elias, who is the cause of their new powers, and actually pull off stealing a train powered by The Speed Force energy. Her other child Malcolm Thawne was falsely pronounced stillborn and given to another family, growing up to become Cobalt Blue. While trying to recover, he reviews all the records of the others there, and that makes him lose control of the Speed Force, thus killing heroes like Blue Jay, Poison Ivy, and his Titans' pal Red Arrow. Since he's in the future, Thawne hijacks the Cosmic Treadmill and travels back in time. Therefore, if someone should know his secret identity as the Flash, they could connect the dots to find out about his loved ones. Allen first speaks with his mother, then travels into the timeline. He quickly becomes dedicated to the search for the real killer, though his efforts are cut short by the reappearance of the Renegades. Christopher Gorham reprises his role as Barry Allen. In The Flash, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) decides to travel into the past to save the life of his mother Nora Allen (Maribel Verd), but his altruistic mission instead brings devastating consequences for his universe. In this new clip for the Season 1 finale, Wells (whose real name is Eobard Thawne) tells Barry why he killed his mother. Jay and Barry went on to foil the villains schemes. Aided by Earth-2's Flash, Jay Garrick and the Harrison Wells of Earth-2, Barry fights Zoom and his henchmen as he tries to find a way to close the breaches. Before this, Patty, back in Central City, meets Turbine, who had finally escaped the Speed Force after his battle with Flash. Nora Allen was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, first appearing in The Flash #126. In this Elseworld story, Barry Allen was a Federal Marshall who was killed by Wally West. Human For anyone who's a fan of The Flash comics, you know that this event isn't as crazy as it seems it's the work of Reverse-Flash, a villain hell-bent on destroying Barry. In the New 52, the Speed Force is made up of rocks, images of Barry's past, and things pulled from time and space (tanks, old planes, etc). Barry Allen was created by Robert Kanigher, John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Barry must also cope with the reemergence of the old Kid Flash, and the guilt that comes with him. Rather, it was caused by a mysteriousbeing with blue skin who's costume is a black thong. After this, we would become The Flash. When Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons invade Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes, Flash is recruited by Batman to help fight them off. Right now we have a Thawne who has had years of battles with a future version of Flash, but in the present-day, Barrys superhero career has just started. [20], When Barry seeks comfort, he snuggles in a blanket created by Nora. His favorite Avenger is Captain America, and that was long before the character starred in a very successful film franchise. Nevertheless,he's stilla hero. While Barry's sacrifice ends a 30-year career, it doesn't end his legacy. In the second season, following the singularity, 52 breaches have opened up in Central City, connecting Earth-1 to Earth-2. It is soon revealed that he is becoming the new Black Flash, and that his resurrection was part of the machinations of Professor Zoom. Wally joined Allen in his crime fighting, becoming the sidekick Kid Flash. Barry Allen was featured in Kenner's DC Super Powers Collection. He's the one who suggested to Ross that he and Rachel were on a break. Unsure of why he is alive, Allen contemplates his duties in the universe. Wally and Jay, who had both seen Barry, ran to help him but failed. His life ground to a halt as he dedicated himself to finding the real murderer and, more importantly, finding the motive behind the murder. Most of the heroes of his universe are unknown, including himself; his mother is alive; and Batman is Thomas Wayne. She dearly loved her husband, Henry Allen and her son, Barry Allen. Except, you know, that peskyCrisis on Infinite Earthsthing. Occupation Then he murdered Barrys mother Nora, and framed his father. Immensely popular with the public, he became close with other superheroes, especially Hal Jordan, who would become his close friend. send you an email once approved. (AAP Photo: Bianca de Marchi)Humphries's passing Reverse Flash has gone back in time to kill his father. While this is probably a flashback moment of sorts with Barry reliving that terrible night in his mind, it also speaks to how much emphasis The Flash is placing on the murder of Nora Allen as the event that shattered Barry Allen's world. Racing to Dr. Elias' lab, Flash arrives just in time to see Grodd become super-charged with Speed Force energy. He is seen in security camera footage foiling a convenience store robbery. The Flash is a huge multiversal event for DC on film, with Miller portraying two versions of Barry Allen and Michael Keaton's Batman also along for the ride. OK, I'll be the first to admit it really is. Since the Cosmic Treadmill is in need of a tune up, he accidentally doesn't travel far enough back, and ends up traveling to a period of time after Barry's death. WebIt was Eobard Thawne that went back in time and killed Barry Allen's mother. Published 3 days ago. In Flashpoint, Barry's decision to travel back in time to save Nora creates an alternate timeline in which Atlantis and Themyscira are at war, Thomas Wayne became Batman instead of Bruce, and numerous other apocalyptic changes. So he ran and found Heat Wave to see him stare at his parents graves. He is a police scientist who came from Central City to assist on a case. The Flash has released its second trailer, which again hints at how Barry Allen's mother Nora was killed in the past. This Barry's costume more closely resembles Wally West's/. All he knows about her death is that there was "yellow lightning with a man inside," and then suddenly he was transported 20 blocks away from the scene of the crime, his father framed for the murder he clearly didn't commit. He is nearly killed by a German patrol, and encounters some Blackhawks, who help him. First, become a forensics investigator. He appears as the Flash in his first live-action television series. Closing in on the Wally West accident, Future Flash heads to five years from now. He soon realized that it was not the world that had slowed, but himself who had sped up. He was capable of creating his own alloy for the Flash Ring. that angers the Flash and he is on the urge of breaking,but then he shows his real power, that he is even faster than something that is decreasing his power and he manages escapes. He runs along a beam of light, and in so doing travels back in time, arriving in the middle of the Second World War with a broken leg. Barry Allen's brain moves as fast as he does, meaning he is able to think extremely quickly. One such night, Barry would get angry and throw one of the machines out the window, allowing an opening for a lightning bolt to shoot into the lab, hit Barry, and dose him in chemicals, connecting him to the Speed Force. Just like how he is able to vibrate through solid objects, Barry Allen can move his body fast enough to appear invisible. NEXT:Superman: 10 Of The Worst Things That Happened In Metropolis. Believing that his future can be averted by preventing Wally's death, Future Flash begins heading back to the fateful car accident. In full disclosure, it could take a while to go through all the nooks and crannies of Reverse-Flash's time-traveling backstory. Nora Allen(2011 - Present) Her entire history was changed when Professor Zoom went back in time to ruin Barry Allen's life during Rebirth. Nora then watched in horror as Future Barry grabbed his younger self and ran out of the house, although unbeknownst to her, her son had been taken to safety several blocks away. [2] She studied abroad in her college years, spending one of them in Spain, and wanted to do much more traveling. He retains sight even in this state. figures collector, and he's rapidly running out of shelf space. This gave him enough time to destroy the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter cannon by running around it and destroying the outer casing. 15 years following her death, Barry learned of Eobard's identity as a disguised Harrison Wells and confronted him before Eobard was erased from the timeline by his ancestor. Cisco creates his Flash suit and Wells teaches him to become faster. Barry can also extend this ability to solid objects and phase them through other matter. The Bold This page is for Barry Allen, the second (and current) Flash. Labs and is assisted by Dr. Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow in protecting Central City from evil metahumans and other crime. The man says that he may know a way to find Barry Allen and this urges Patty to follow him, her love for Barry greatly influencing her to act. Barry can even merge his atoms with other people, including other speedsters(Jay Garrick and Wally West) to become a superior speedster Flash. Barry, believing his power of 'speed thinking' believes that he can hold the soldiers off while Patty and Manuel can make a run for it. In the Speed Force, The Flash meets a man known as Turbine, a world war two pilot lost to The Speed Force. Unnamed(father)Henry Allen(husband; deceased)Barry Allen(son)Nora West-Allen(future granddaughter)Bart West-Allen(future grandson) A speedster from Earth-2, Zoom, starts sending metahumans to hunt down Barry to steal his speed. He mentioned Snart's brain and that he can be much more than a robber that he could work at S.T.A.R. After the end of Mob Rule, The Flash is instructed by Dr. Elias that the cause of the E.M.P. Thanks to the accident that merged Snart with his Cold Gun, the former Rogue is now dying of stage four bone cancer. In his first appearance in the comics, Allen was able to run lightning fast and travel through time. The victory for The Rogues, however, is suspended when suddenly Central City is hit by Grodd and Gorilla City. WebEobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash wasn't there to kill Barry's mom. In theory, he could run forever. A poor match for Grodd's strength, speed and savagery, Barry instead uses his powers to phase through the gorilla and leave behind a macro-bomb - which blows Grodd's head off. However, the speedster will have to find a way to race back to his home reality if he has any hopes of stopping Paradox once and for all. 1, #106 (AprilMay 1959) The king of Gorilla City for much of the dealings the Flash had with the culture. He could also touch what was intangible. The Flash is shown to be in two major books, Justice League, of which he is a founding member, and the self title book The Flash, where his Rogues gallery is slowly being introduced. Every soap opera needs a villainous mastermind that ties everyone else's life up. This obviously gives Barry even more motivation to travel back in time, saving his mother's life and preventing his father's imprisonment in one fell swoop. The Flash Ian Cardona has written for CBR since 2017. The Flash has nearly infinite endurance. With most of the clones dying around him, Manuel is enraged by The Flash and escapes, vowing revenge. Barry left all this in a letter to Wally, asking Wally to give The Top his sanity back. The Flash would eventually fight Grodd, who was driven mad by power, and escaped the city and back to his own Central City. So just why did Reverse-Flash kill Barry's mom in the comics? 75 Years Ago, Batman First Discovered Who Killed His Parents. Before they can make a second attempt, however, Allen is again struck by lightning, which causes him to regain his super speed. Lots of things in CW flashs tv show arent really similar to the comic book counterpart.. that being said is Barrys Mother Death the same? Barry has had stage-training back in college, which aided him in developing the Flash Persona. He encounters Wayne in a small and cheap Batcave, and is attacked by Wayne while attempting to explain the alternate universe and his own secret identity. As the third Flash, Wally eventually attracted a rival of his own known as Hunter Zolomon. 12:08AM Follow Brad on Twitter @BradCurran. After becoming the Flash, he returns for cameo appearances and team-ups each season. Barry Allen could merge with other heroes and even merge heroes together. He is soon confronted by the Renegades, Rogues from the 25th century, and accused of murdering one of their members, the Mirror Monarch. They also produced a classic version of the character. Boiling with anger thought of another way which could change the event in such manner that, Barry Allen never gets his power. He appeared in several episodes as the Flash and one of the founders of the Justice League. All was glorious for a time. Turns out,her spirit was whisked away and implanted in the body of someone else. When Barry tries to restore his powers, he's nearly burned to death. So when Barry died and Wally West became The Flash, the Speed Force didn't grow. After joining The Justice League Barry had sparring match sessions with Batman and took some tips from him, he also attended self-defense classed and trained by Wildcat in Boxing. Well, until Wally says the time shift was not Barry's fault. With this realization, Thawne traveled farther back in time to kill the Flash. What follows is a snowball of tragedy. Flash manages to defeat the Reverse Flash and arrive back to present time. Nora AllenAppearances Images Quotes Spoiler warning for anyone not caught up with The Flash Season 1. Barry Allen and the Reverse-Flash have had a horrifying rivalry throughout comic book history. After everybody but Barry and Hal leave the room, Barry decides to defect to the Insurgency. After all, Paradox's powers are connected directly to the timeline since he absorbs the energy created by all paradoxes. The vision however can causes acute mental destabilization with each burst of insight; after having a second blast of possible future outcomes making him psychologically unstable. Instead, he killed Barry Allens mother, hoping the trauma of her death will stop him from becoming the Flash. Flash's durability is automatically controlled by the Speed Force so he doesn't hurt his hand. Barry Allen is the fastest Flash. A time traveling Barry Allen also comes to Wally West's rescue when Wally is attacked by the Reverse Flash. Barry and Wally were reunited with Jay, who had been spending the past few weeks saving people. The Flash comes to her aid and helps to reveal to Wizard that the death of his brother was ordered by his fianc, a woman he himself had been seeing.
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